Awards - Award of Excellence

The DFWAE Award of Excellence is presented annually to an eligible DFWAE member for outstanding contributions made to DFWAE.

Nomination Process

Nominations will be solicited from the DFWAE membership and submitted to the Awards Committee. The Awards Committee Chair is appointed by the President.


To be eligible, an individual must be a current DFWAE member who is employed full-time by an Association or an association management company. Members of the Awards Committee are not eligible. Click here for a nomination form.

DFWAE Award of Excellence Winners

2023 Alyssa Meek, CMP
2022 Rori Shaw, CAE
2021 Shawna Strickland, PhD, CAE
2020 Michele Byers, CAE, CMP
2019 Trevor Mitchell, CAE
2018 Alyssa Trongaard, CMP
2017 Charles Carrington, IOM
2016 Bradley Elliott
2015 Sonja Phillips
2014 Craig Nauta, CAE
2013 Dana Glazier, CAE
2012 Cindy Peebles, CAE
2012 Lisa Harrington, CAE
2010 Simeon May, CAE
2009 Judy Pulice, CAE
2007 Cheryl Calhoun
2006 Rhonda Ledbetter
2005 Jane Evans
2005 Cathy Breden, CAE
2004 Suzann J. Oliver
2003 John Oliver, CAE
2002 Joan Stacy, CAE
2001 Steve Muncy, CAE
2000 Glenda Simcox
1999 Eve Becker-Doyle, CAE
1998 Pamela L. Donahoo, CAE
1997 Marcie Funchess, CAE
1996 Allen E. Murfin, CAE
1995 Larry Everett, CAE
1994 William J. Flannery, III
1993 Charlie Tupper, Jr., CAE
1992 Margaret Cartwright and Wayne James, CAE