DFWAE Cares Grant Program

The DFWAE Cares grant program was established in July 2020 by the DFWAE Board of Directors after members expressed a desire to donate time, talent or treasure to support others in our community who are going through a time of need. Particularly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are professionals in associations, CVBs, hotels, service providers, and other disciplines who have been furloughed or laid off and are unable to pay their DFWAE dues. This time is critical for them to remain a member so that they can network to find new opportunities and keep up their credentials and education.

Individuals interested in giving to support the program may donate money to the general fund, or offer their time (e.g. coaching/mentorship, resume review, networking assistance, etc) and DFWAE volunteers will connect with recipient need.

Grant recipient selection is based on:

  1. Completion of online application;
  2. Fund availability;
  3. Current or recently lapsed DFWAE member;
  4. Has had a change in household financial circumstances that makes it difficult to renew their dues; and
  5. Has not received a DFWAE grant within the past three (3) years.


All grant applications are processed confidentially by DFWAE staff and recipients are not announced to DFWAE membership or volunteers. Grant recipients are encouraged to remain engaged with DFWAE by attending events, volunteering, or supporting the DFWAE mission when able.


DFWAE is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. Please consult a tax professional to confirm any benefit of charitable donations on your taxes.