DFWAE Mission and Vision (Adopted March 2020)

DFWAE Vision

An engaged, connected, and thriving North Texas Association community.

DFWAE Mission

Elevating the Association industry in North Texas through collaborative learning, inclusive representation, and leadership development.


DFWAE Strategic Plan (Approved March 2021)

The DFWAE strategic plan is the result of a multi-year planning effort by staff, volunteers, committee members, and the Board of Directors. This plan will be reviewed annually to define tactics to achieve the goals and metrics, make necessary updates, and to track and report success to the DFWAE membership.

Goal 1: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Establish an equitable and inclusive culture while creating space for the voices least heard and celebrating the diversity of our community.


  1. Practice inclusion, ethical decision-making and accountability.
  2. Actively and intentionally recruit and engage members, volunteers, and speakers who represent the broad diversity of the association management profession.
  3. Promote the services and offerings of under-served and underrepresented businesses within the association and hospitality industries.
  4. Ensure that governing documents, communication channels, and the nominating and elections processes reinforce DFWAE’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  5. Commit resources to advancing DEI-focused educational opportunities and initiatives. 

Goal 2: Community & Connection

Create opportunities to share ideas, foster new professional and personal friendships, and collaborate in a fun and inclusive environment.


  1. Recruit, engage and retain association professionals and provide opportunities for meaningful connections between DFWAE members.
  2. Increase involvement and volunteer leadership opportunities within DFWAE. 
  3. Provide a platform for the Association community of North Texas and proactively engage all area associations.
  4. Build consistent, meaningful relationships with industry partners, community supporters, and allied organizations to achieve shared goals.
  5. Provide opportunities for mentorship, which create authentic relationships and foster future leaders within the organization.

Goal 3: Leadership & Organizational Excellence

Promote the development of leadership skills in the association community and model effective practices in association management.


  1. Create robust, diverse revenue streams to support DFWAE programming and community growth. 
  2. Manage finances in a prudent and strategic way as stewards of DFWAE membership dues dollars.
  3. Effectively recruit, train and utilize all volunteer resources to support our mission.
  4. Recognize exceptional association leadership in the North Texas community.

Goal 4: Learning & Career Growth

Provide inspiring opportunities for knowledge building and development that promotes the career growth and success of association industry professionals.


  1. Develop educational programming that meets the needs of all levels of association professionals.
  2. Provide a robust, cost-effective pathway to CAE certification.
  3. Create opportunities for career growth and development at all levels.
  4. Provide opportunities for knowledge sharing and networking in casual/informal settings.
  5. Deliver the premier annual experience for the association community in North Texas.


We are so grateful to all those involved for bringing their unique perspectives and priorities to the strategic planning process.