Derby Day 2014 : Photo Album

Derby Day 2014
VIP Suite Photo
Pictured are:

First Row (Kneeling), L-R: Shawn Smajstrla (MultiView); Michael Scheevel (Liaison International); Tom Chapman (American Orthodontic Society); Charles Carrington (U.S. Chamber of Commerce); Dave Beebe (DFWAE Executive Director); Charlton Northington (Hurst Conference Center); Jim Hawarden (Association Resource Consultants, LLC); Barbara Hueske (Guest); Dana Glazier (United Way of Tarrant County); David Rhodes (Guest).

Middle Row, L-R: Christina Miller (Dallas CVB); Tonya Batten (Hilton Fort Worth); Adam Weiss (Madison Miles Media Group); Mary Ellen Fletcher (American College of Emergency Physicians); Julie Hall (Custom Websites to Go); Terri Hammond (HPN Global); Phill Martin (National Association of Church Business Administration); Jamie Webb (Dallas Arboretum); Judy Pulice (National Athletic Trainers' Association); Darla Huckaby (Conference Direct); Pam Tolbert (Guest); Terry Gatski (Guest); Melissa Martinez (Guest); Lynelle Barber (Yes Communications).

Top Row, L-R: Dale Griffiths (American Association for Respiratory Care); Mike Eskew (Show Box Expo); David McKenzie (American College of Emergency Physicians); Ellen Satlof (National Athletic Trainers' Association); Carole Wollard (American College of Emergency Physicians); Jim Ballard (Caesars Entertainment); Gary Tolbert (Airways Event Freight Group); Lanny Norman (Guest); Mark Gatski (Guest); Judy Tuley (Guest); BB Tuley (Guest); Cheryl Goodman (Adolphus Hotel); Elizabeth Mundy (Hurst Conference Center).

Not pictured: Lisa Sherman (Hurst Conference Center); Joel Hueske (Meeting Planners Guide)

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